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SongsWallet is a music distributor that empowers artists to focus on music. 

We provide less expensive distribution with frictionless access to cash.

SongsWallet maintains the highest level of distribution of your music to the best stores and platforms. Then, we collect your royalties for less than our competitors. This means more money, deposited faster to your wallet 


We give you advances without the hassle of long and painful loan applications. Resulting in tailored made cash advances directly to your wallet. 

All in one place

Be part of the movement for artists to have frictionless access to cash

Cash Access

We empower musicians to have unprecedented access to cash royalties quicker. 

Music streaming modifies the way musicians make money

However, for many musicians, creative and financial freedom is a daily threat.  Most live with an uncertain future tied to the music industry´s inequity. 

Achieve your artistic independence and financial freedom when choosing SongsWallet for distribution

Shatter old industry standards that hurt artists through SongsWallet

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